About Spiritweaver
This Shaman is a healer, teacher, intuitive, and visionary, tracing his ancestry to the Ciboney Indians who occupied Florida and the Caribbean for more than 12,000 years. He is a member of the Ciboney Tribe.

His life's path has always been traveled in the non-ordinary realm. He has had extraordinary visions in this lifetime since he was a child. He would lie on his back under star-filled skies, and he knew that life could not be categorized. The stars, birds, animals, grass, and fish were all individually a part of the greater whole.

The Wisdom of the Ancients is manifest in Spiritweaver, and he draws from this mystical history in all his work. He is able to draw on the vast storehouse of all he has learned in past lives, and he is able to bridge the worlds to elevations beyond the ordinary.

Spiritweaver is a student of the ages. His perceived purpose is to guide others to the level of awareness where they can be free to become who they are meant to be.

Indigenamous ~ We are all one People

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THE ELDER - Chapter 84, August, 2014

“LOVE is the new currency. LOVE creates
Cooperation. LOVE provides what you NEED,
and not so much of what you WANT.”
. . .

The Elder paused, thinking to himself, as a street corner preacher out of the 60s, or 70s. People sneered, and snickered, and the police ran them off, or arrested them for disturbing the peace. And the country went off to war…

We lost the Korean War, and we lost the Vietnam War, and we are not winning the wars we are in now.

The Elder reminisced about his military duty. He lost some close friends, and he wanted to believe that his, and their service, was not in vain.

The thirty something lady, dressed in exercise attire, said “that’s why the spiritual leaders of old insisted that love was the answer.”

The Elder smiled and nodded, yes.

The Elder drank a sip of water and continued.

“Remember that everything is connected. When something enters your five senses, you connect with it. Even if just for a brief moment.”

“Please give us an example,” asked the lady in red jeans, white long sleeved blouse, and blue sneakers.

“When you drive down the street, everything you SEE, becomes a part of you. Most things you see, you automatically dismiss. Some things make an impression. Could be food, cars, how something is painted, how someone is dressed. The song on the radio brings back a memory.

“Your awareness towards Life dictates your connection to Life. How you feel at any given time affects your emotions towards Life. Your consciousness is like the HUB of a wheel. You are always the center of your Life.”

There was a short silence. An older gentleman impeccably dressed, who retired from the Marine Corps asked, “What about religions? They preach LOVE, but are the first to start a war. or retaliate in war. Where does all that LOVE, that they are supposed to represent, go?”

“Humanity is not ready for unconditional LOVE. Some people are. They are Spiritual. The Heart of Religion. I believe that Love, has value. And when the (value of Love) is debated, then Love is diminished.”

The Elder continued, “Religions, what people believe are religions, continue to divide, rather than unite. That is why religions that place The Great Spirit Creator Inside the individual, are the fastest growing in the world. When you are connected to everything that is outside of you, you become more responsible. When that connection comes from inside of you, your Life takes on a different meaning. You become IT.

“In the center of all Religions, is a Spiritual Heart. That is the Heart that we call Love. That Love, is buried under mountains of negative, distorted beliefs that are said to be The Truth. Most people will believe anything, rather than question the validity. We were bred to be followers. Good Leadership is far and few.”

“We are learning that mythology comes in different languages, from different times. So who is right, and what makes one religion true over another.”

The Elder took another drink and looked around the packed room.

“What do you believe?” asked the young girl with her older sister, sitting in front of her.

The Elder replied, “All rivers lead to the ocean. Water is everywhere, and it is still water. Love is everywhere, and it is still Love.”

“If you manipulate Love, you subtract the potential. It is the lack of unity that weakens religions. It is the lack of Unconditional LOVE that distorts Spirituality.”

“It is all about US and no one else. Do you pray to? Or do you pray with? Do you give what you want? Or do you expect what you want to just appear out of nowhere?”

“I am old enough to see, and understand how Life Evolves. Most people assume that changes in Life Styles and beliefs take place from the current generation. This is only partly true. The current generation will debate, and implement the changes that take place. But FIERCE debate will continue and laws will be broken. The next generation comes along and shrugs their shoulders. “What is the big deal? This is how we evolve. The next generation is always a little bit different. They do not understand life, the same way as their parents. Not completely. Love holds a different meaning for them.

Do not confuse LOVE with security. Love is self-expression that must come from the heart.

The heart pumps life through your BODY, using the Mind as your power source.

Your Spirit is under your control. Be responsible. Always do your best. Your best will evolve with you.

Your Body, Mind, and Spirit will remain as ONE. This is TRUE LOVE.

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Telephone: (321) 951-8774
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