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This Shaman is a healer, teacher, intuitive, and visionary, tracing his ancestry to the Ciboney Indians who occupied Florida and the Caribbean for more than 12,000 years. He is a member of the Ciboney Tribe.

His life's path has always been traveled in the non-ordinary realm. He has had extraordinary visions in this lifetime since he was a child. He would lie on his back under star-filled skies, and he knew that life could not be categorized. The stars, birds, animals, grass, and fish were all individually a part of the greater whole.

The Wisdom of the Ancients is manifest in Spiritweaver, and he draws from this mystical history in all his work. He is able to draw on the vast storehouse of all he has learned in past lives, and he is able to bridge the worlds to elevations beyond the ordinary.

Spiritweaver is a student of the ages. His perceived purpose is to guide others to the level of awareness where they can be free to become who they are meant to be.

Indigenamous ~ We are all one People

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THE ELDER - Chapter 82, June, 2014

“Give me land, lots of land,
under starry skies above.
Don’t fence me in.”

From a cowboy song, suggesting that open-spaces are better than zero-lot lines, privacy fences, high walls, and box style houses, and apartments.

Architects and land developers continue to force people to live under crowded conditions from where they live and sleep, to how they get around. The price of land is arbitrarily set so the bankers are safe. Even under a financial meltdown. Whoever owns the land will eventually control the economic outcome.

Land is property. Property has value. The more value you have, the more you are worth, financially.

Children were once taught, in elementary school, that anyone could be President. And you could own your own home, someday. The idea being that you had to live by society’s rules, or laws, in order to succeed in life.

The laws did not include minorities and women. They were viewed as property and property is thought of as something of value to negotiate with.

But, 2012 changed all that. We have changed the direction of Humankind.

And there is much more to come…

In the Spiritual World, everybody believes that 2012 was a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING. Yes, but it is society that will feel the change the most. Some social issues have been turned upside down already.

Our school systems are hurting.

Many Americans do not believe in higher education. But foreigners can come here, go to school, and excel in their studies.

It is not the schools that are failing. It is the students, parents, and the people who would rather give their money to the banks, as investments.

Okay, so the schools could do a better job. When the parents get involved, you will see the difference.

So we have a Spiritual Awakening, and we also have a Social Awakening. We are closer together in areas that were thought impossible to agree upon.

We are beginning to understand our energy bodies, and we are beginning to understand that we are much more than we thought we ever could be.

Each one of us is one complete physical body, the way we were created.

We are made up of billions of cells, and each cell is a library of information.

We are matter. We are energy.

Energy is how we receive our cell phone signals, our TV signals, our radio signals.

Energy attracts, and energy repels.

In our relationships, with other people, our personal energy governs how we become involved with them.

We can be attracted heavily. We can be attracted mildly, which is usually the case. Or we can be repelled, which most people cannot understand why they just do not like that person.

There are a few reasons for this, and since 2012 energy for some reasons will be Increased and others will Fade.

For example, in the old astrological energy, Fire and Water would never mix. Their nature is for one to dominate the other, and to keep moving on. Relationships were usually about submission to the extreme, sometimes to slavery.

But, because of 2012 energy, the old astrological energies are coming together. They are balancing out. You can see the difference in the young generations. The positive qualities of all astrological signs are beginning to dominate people’s way of life.

Mother Earth and Father Sky are called so because in reality, one cannot exist without the other. They are ONE because each is found in the other and each came from the same source.

The Native Andean Culture of South America believes that we are all divine seeds of light.. we are God and Goddess seeds.

They believe that now is the time for a New Human Beginning. They believe that now is a time for Stepping Out Of Time. In other words, now is the time to wake up and move ahead.

Some people cannot help but to wake up. That is why there is so much social and cultural unrest on Mother Earth.

Native people throughout Mother Earth believe that the gateway to other dimensions are opening up.

Energy fields are coming together for the purpose of uplifting humankind.

It used to be, that people evolved from generation to generation, barely so in some cases, in some places.

Now, 2012 energy has people changing jobs, moving around, from place to place, choosing different friends, breaking away from family members. People do not commit to a long term relationship. People want to be different, but most likely do not know why, or how, and they end up being all alike anyway.

A lot of people believe that we should live in the moment. That the Past is over, and the Future is not here yet. But, we do remember the Past, and we create the Future.

We are the result of what we have sown, and we become what we sow. We have 2012 at our back. Walk the RED ROAD. Our journey has just begun.

Love As One

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